The Jewish quarter is Budapest’s unique historical heritage, which is unique in all of Europe. The biggest difference compared to similar neighborhoods in Krakow, Warsaw, or even Paris, and what makes „our neighborhood” truly unique, is the real Jewish sycamore in it. The visitor can meet the community living here – shops, functioning synagogues, mikves and many other accessories of Judaism. That is why we built the Jewish performing arts center here.

It’s been over a decade since Golem Theatre, the only Jewish theatre in Hungary was founded. The dreams we had when we started our work are now the reality of the theatre: over 100.000 audience members clapped at the end of our shows and at the festivals we had been to while we have continuously shown them the core values of our theatre including tolerance, living together in peace and the different sides of Jewish culture. This is how we have become the unique Jewish independent theatre we are today, not only in Hungary but all across Europe as well.

The Golem Theatre and Centre of Jewish Performing Arts is not only providing a performing space for the productions of Golem Theatre but also for other local or international artists of dancing, circus, jazz and other musical productions as well. The aim of the centre is to provide the visitors with a unique and varied programme list in the Jewish performing arts and also give space to fine or visual art projects. Furthermore, we have plans of organising educational and professional development programmes.

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