Kincső throws a house party at her grandmother’s apartment. The most important moments of the party take place on the balcony, not inside the apartment. Eight young people experience all the pleasant and unpleasant moments of adolescence in a typical evening at a cliché house party. In the space of a few hours, thanks to a lot of alcohol, the group runs the gamut of emotions: they fight, make up, profess their love and break up. And, of course, they order pizza so they can vomit all their sadness onto Grandma’s Persian rug. Nothing special, just an ordinary Friday night. With eight teenagers, Uncle Miklós, unacceptable taste in music, love, secrets and a big leap into nowhere.


CAST: Rebeka Sefel, „Svéd” Szabolcs Páli, Csenge Falusi/Szonja Németh, András Bagoly, Máté Mach, Péter Lendvai, Annus Erbszt/Szúra Szeréna Dajka, Blanka Urmai


WRITER: Emma Kalmár

DIRECTED BY Emma Kalmár and Virág Németh



Fun fact: The play was first read at Emma’s grandmother’s house.
Fun fact 2: We ate all the Túró Rudi.


PREMIERE: 2023.09.22.



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